Shows specializing in music:

Nobody’s Listening

With Joshua Burns

Downtempo electronica for any and all studying. Usually play a mix of jungle, drum nʼ bass, and whatever else the Reddit hivemind upvotes. W/ special guest Dannan OʼConnell.

Sunday 12 – 2 AM

Old People Music

With Matthew Ruberry and Johnaugust Bridgeford

Get excited for a crazy two hours each week with your hosts MC J-Dub and Fratt Berry. Starting off the show, MC J-Dub will give you a nirvana like combination of the golden years of jazz and blues. Next Fratt Berry will take over to play whatever tickles his fancy for the second hour. A sure crowd pleaser, be sure to tune into 90.9 WCWM each week for your favorite show and mine, Old People Music.

Sunday 12 – 2 PM

The My-Tee-Fine Radio Show

With Jake Buck

New Music, Old Music, Good Music, Strange Music.

Sunday 2 – 4 PM

What in the World?

With Tiffany Shoneboom

All kinds of music from all kinds of people and places.

Sunday 4 – 5 PM

TD On the Radio

With TD Crowley


Sunday 5 – 6 PM

Pop Goes the World

With Travis Carr

Each week I’ll tackle a different country’s pop music scene. It will definitely be fun/weird/zany and potentially even illuminating. But mostly it will be full of hooks and beautiful women!

Sunday 7 – 8 PM

Rollaine on the Radio/Rollita en el Radio

With Lorraine Archibald

For the first hour I will play a mix of new jams, old jams, folk jams, dance jams, all the jams, and for the second hour I will do the equivalent only the jams will be songs from latin America and all over the world.

Sunday 10 PM – 12 AM

The Jazzhole

With Guy Carmeli

Jazz in all its forms, presented by a satirical host who believes all other music is garbage.

Monday 12 AM – 2 PM