Recording Studio

WCWM Recording Studio

WCWM Studios is a new on-campus recording environment that has the potential to to fulfill all your audio production and recording needs. WCWM Studios consists of two separate studio rooms outfitted for specialized audio engineering and production using top of the line equipment and software. Any and all production projects can be arranged by our experienced student production team. We can also accommodate remotes projects such as live performances, speeches, and other events outside the studio. WCWM Studios can do it all! We’ll see your project from basic ideas to professionally mastered CD. We offer pro quality services at budget/sudent rates. Contact¬†our production director¬†to schedule a project, ask a question, take a tour, or join our mailing list.

Studio A:
For large scale projects such as bands, choral groups, individual musicians, and live instrument recording. Studio A is fully sound isolated with Auralex studio insulation and equipped with the following:

– Macintosh G5 Desktop
– M-Audio Project Mix I/O
– Focustrie OctoPre 8 Channel Mic Preamp
– Aphex Aural Exciter
– Line 6 POD XT
– KRK V8 Studio Monitors

Studio B:
For smaller projects and specialized audio engineering. Great for electronic music applications, DJ mixing, podcasting, and mastering. Studio B is equipped with the following:

– Macintosh IMAC G5
– Lexicon Omega Interface
– Numark DXM09 Digital DJ Mixer
– Korg Kontrol 49
– Technics Turntables
– Capabilites for all recording media (Tape, CD, Minidisc)

– Alesis Multimix
– R09 24-Bit Field Recorder

– Shure
– Studio Projects

– Sony MDR-7506

– Apple Logic
– Protools
– Ableton
– Reason
– Assorted Pro Plugins