Telephone / Instant Messaging

In-studio & Requests:
757.221.3288 / WCWM 90 9

On-air & Requests:

Office & Music Directors:
757.221.3287 / WCWM MD

Postal Mail

WCWM 90.9 FM
College of W&M
Campus Center
P.O. Box 8793
Williamsburg, VA 23186

To Send Us Music

To send us music or public service announcements for review and additions, please send all vinyl, CDs, CD-Rs, cassettes, or mini-discs to the mailing address above. Packages should be addressed to the attention of the appropriate director, whether “Music Director,” specific musical genre (e.g. “Jazz Director,” “RPM Director,” “Hip-Hop Director,” etc.), “PSA Director,” or a DJ’s full name. To follow up on what you’ve sent us, please wait 3-4 weeks after you send the package, or contact the appropriate music director by e-mail. Do not send us your only copy.

WCWM Directors

Station Director
Todd Van Luling

Vice President
Arthi Aravind

Music Directors
Alex Johnson
Iren Tete

Programming Director
David Jordan

Publications Director
Arthi Aravind

Record Label Managers
Will Barnes
Michael Willson

Production Director
TD Crowley

Fundraising Director
Kayla Meyers

Events Director
Ellyn Greene

Tech Directors
Sara Suarez

Web Director
Gareth Bk
Brendan Greenley

Training Director
Matt Ruberry

Remotes Director
Christopher McKenna

Publicity & Art Director
Katie Wood

Will Marsh
Matt Rigsby


Genre Directors
Gareth Bk – Loud Rock
Alex Cousins – Hip Hop
Will Hanes – RPM
JohnAugust Bridgeford – Jazz
Lorraine Archibald – World
Travis Carr & Kayla Meyers – Singles