Are you a WCWM alum?
Over the past couple of years, WCWM as a station has grown both in size and number of active participants. We’ve added recording facilities as well as polished up many of the pre-existing facilities of the station. As we strive to encourage a continuous flow of DJ’s that are interesting and unique, as well as competent in the workings of the station as well as professional on the air, it becomes clear that alumni participation is both desired and required. In order to see growth in the station we understand that the advice and aid that can be given us by the alumni of the station is invaluable. If you are an Alumnus who would like to get in contact with the station for any reason, be it just to pass on a kind word or to offer any kind of advice or aid, please feel free to contact

The first major Alumni event we will be having will be an open house during Homecoming weekend, with more details to be announced as that approaches, but any time you are in the area feel free to stop in and say hey!
Also, check out WCWM Pin-Ups, a WCWM alumni newsletter. If you have stories, photos, anecdotes, articles, audio, or anythingfrom your time at WCWM, or an update on your current jetset lifestyle…e-mail your name, years at WCWM, and memorabilia

Issue 1 | November/December 2005

  • letter from editors Anne Gessler and Josh Specht
  • article by Mary Cottrill, DJ 1973-1977
  • article by Rick Krizman, Station Manager 1974-1975
  • photos of Jesse Hawk, Mike Lombardi, Albert Louer, Bill Lyons, Linda Jean Trice, 1964-1965; various, 1998

Issue 2 | January/February 2006

  • article by Bob Blase
  • article by Tom Brooke
  • photographs from Mohammed Noor
  • article by Karen Schoemer
  • letter from Art Stukas
  • article by Bob Thompson
  • pdf file of Submission Magazine Volume 1, Issue 2

Issue 3 | April/May 2006

  • article from Charlie Dent ’69
  • article from Dave Oxenfod ’77
  • article from Paul Bonelli ’89
  • article from Danny Rowe ’00
  • article from Derek Power ’05

Issue 4 | September/October 2006

  • article from Bruce Eells
  • letter from Jim Morton ’79
  • photographs 1989-1990 by Gwin von Ludwig
  • mp3 downloads of 1974 sound files from Rick Krizman ’75
  • mp3 download of 1989 “Progressive Folk Companion” broadcast from Kevin Streit