Beyond Studydome: Music for Finals

December 6, 2011 in Other

As finals approach, I always find it important to have a solid playlist of productivity-encouraging music to go along with the long night hours in the library.  My Fall 2011 study jams have included the following:

Brian Eno – Music for Airports

Released in 1978, this album set the stage for generations of ambient music to come.  It’s minimal but always intriguing.  I’ve never studied in an airport, but this album might make you feel like you are.

BT – This Binary Universe

BT rose to prominence as N*Sync’s producer, but This Binary Universe is worlds beyond pop music.  It’s hard to pin down to a genre, and is perfect for late night study sessions when you’re spaced out anyway.

Aphex Twin – Selected Ambient Works 85 – 92

Aphex Twin’s music forte is everything electronic, but his ambient works are my favorite.  If you’re looking for something to chill you out and relieve the stress of finals, your search is over.

Earth – Hex; Or Printing in the Infernal Method

The soundtrack to the desolation of the American West.  There isn’t anything else that sounds quite like later 2000s Earth.  Restrained inspiration like nothing else.

This 8tracks Page

A compilation of drone, ambient, electronic, and other music conducive to studying.  Thanks to Katie Wood for enlightening me to this guy’s excellent selection of study music.

Give these albums a listen while you’re studying and see how they treat you.  Also check out the schedule of exam radio show and tune in! Maybe I’ll see you in Swem sometime soon!

–Gareth Bk