WCWM for 2012

November 14, 2011 in General

This is your webmaster speaking.

We’re approaching the new year, and it’s important that we build a strong web presence if we are to stay relevant as a radio station.

I feel that WordPress offers the best solution, as it’s easy to use, looks nice, and most importantly offers the ability for multiple people to access and add content to the website.  It also offers all the functionality I can imagine we would need – direct streaming audio, the ability to upload media content, etc.

As of now this is being hosted on external web space separate from the William & Mary webserver, because they way they handle WordPress is rather limited (i.e. no ability to upload themes and widgets).  I’m in touch with the guy who handles WordPress at W&M, and am waiting on a response to see if we can get the capability to fully customize the site – otherwise, the best solution might be the purchase external hosting and a domain name.  On that note, I’m trying to contact the guy who currently owns WCWM.org to see if we can get it back.

My vision for this website is to have full integration of general WCWM content, Vinyl Tap, Alumni stuff, the record label, and anything else that’s radio-related.

As of now, all the content here is copied + pasted from the old website, and I’m in the process of going through and updating the links to reflect current times.

We still have a Twitter, I think, and a quasi-active Facebook page – it would be beneficial if we could get these active again.

Stay tuned for more/please email me with comments & questions & ideas/see ya’ll soon!

–Gareth Bk

P.S. There’s an integrated player on the “Listen” page that does not currently work – I think this is due to the limitations of the free web hosting I’m currently using (something esoteric about not allowing PHP cURL functions), so hopefully it’ll work if we move to unrestricted paid web hosting or the W&M server.