Album Review: Atlas Sound – “Parallax”

January 10, 2012 in Vinyl Tap

Atlas Sound’s Parallax: Track Summary 1 )  The Shakes — Starts out like U2’s “Even Better Than The Real Thing” and proceeds to echo the tongue-in-check lyrics of Stephen Malkmus.
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Beyond Studydome: Music for Finals

December 6, 2011 in Other

As finals approach, I always find it important to have a solid playlist of productivity-encouraging music to go along with the long night hours in the library.  My Fall 2011
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CMJ 2011: Or How I Learned to Stop Caring and Love New York

November 14, 2011 in Other

WCWM recently had the opportunity to take a trip to New York City, on the school’s dollar to boot.  It was pretty cool… –Gareth Bk

Album Review: Ildjarn – “Forest Poetry”

November 14, 2011 in Vinyl Tap

Ildjarn achieved what most of the entire Norwegian black metal scene had been trying to do for over a decade with this release. There is little, if any, melody, structure,
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WCWM for 2012

November 14, 2011 in General

This is your webmaster speaking. We’re approaching the new year, and it’s important that we build a strong web presence if we are to stay relevant as a radio station.
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